Safe spaces, not secret spaces.

@The Operator safely manages open and closed access to select private channels in your Slack team. Perfect for employee resource groups, semi-private projects, and showing your work.

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Choose with your team members which private channels you want to make more visible amongst your team.

Allow your team to knock on the door of selected private channels to request access.

Click a button to approve the request from within the channel.

Knock-to-join 101

  1. The Operator dashboard showing a private channel called 'new project' and a 'Knock to join' button


    Check the directory and ask to join the channel
  2. A message sent by The Operator into the 'new project' private channel asking to approve or reject Matt's request to join


    An approval request is sent to existing members of the channel
  3. Confirmation of the approved request and a message confirming Matt has joined the 'new project' channel


    Once approved, you're added by The Operator

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